The Xalles vision is to become the dominant provider of payment systems in strategic partner solutions.
Xalles Overview Brochure



• Continue rollup of strategic partners launching financial supply chain solutions to underserved markets
• Diversify reach and increase potential through Government, business and consumer oriented projects
• Capture recurring, increasing revenue streams (services, audit recovery, revenue sharing licenses


Competitive Advantages

X2X System (flexible financial transaction reconciliation platform) brochure
• Specialized consulting expertise managing payment projects
• International experience (Canada, U.S., Brazil)

Xalles provides payment solution consulting, auditing and direct investment services. Through its 3 core services, the company has high growth opportunities through its balance sheet holdings, combined with recurring revenue streams for progressive income.

For targeted investments, Xalles has selected companies that have anchor customers, the right plan to capture the emerging target market, an exit strategy, and can leverage Xalles’ IP and payments systems expertise to add value and accelerate the rollout of their products and services.

Xalles forms a partnership with the investee companies, and while meeting their needs, also shares in their success.

Xalles Holdings Inc. is headquartered in Washington DC with subsidiaries in Brazil, Singapore and the U.S.