Co-Owners Rewards Inc. is a partially owned subsidiary under Xalles Holdings Inc.

Co-Owners is a Financial Rewards Community™ that allows members to earn stock in the same company providing them with everyday consumer financial services.

Our first product offering is a General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Prepaid card, which will allow members to earn unique stock rewards while buying everyday items like gas and groceries.

Co-Owners Membership provides rewards for Member Registration, Prepaid Card Spending, Referrals and Maintaining Loyalty.

Revenue is derived from card interchange fees and referral fees from financial service provider partners.



Imagine a company that provides its members with financial services (prepaid cards, credit cards, health benefits programs, etc), but also returns 50% of the company’s total revenue to its members in the form of rewards. Imagine if those rewards could be earned by spending money on a prepaid card, referring other members into the program earning profit sharing rewards on the spending of others, or staying loyal to the program. Imagine that those rewards could be converted into travel, cash back, or even stock in the company itself? This is Co-Owners and the opportunity for co-ownership for its members.